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Blind White Blindfold contact lenses (pair with 12 month lifespan)


We are original designers and the first company to manufacture this type of contact, so we know the typical reasons for their use. We are the supplier to Insex, InfernalRestraints, The Upper Floor and many others in that industry.  Aside from that, we also supply mainstream media, such as Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) in Blade Runner 2049.


These 14.2mm standard contacts have no clear pupil to see through. They are entirely white, non-sclera contact lenses. These are not a mesh pattern; they block light from entering your eyes and you will not be able to see so should not be left alone.


NOTE:   As these are not sclera contacts they are not part of our free lenses offer (i.e. no additional free pair will be included with the purchase).

We also have the BLINDFOLD - Black variety which we designed available for sale which can look far less conspicuous and natural in public spaces.


We also have the "Mesh White" designs (diameters 14mm, 17mm22mm) none of which obscure vision entirely.


Purchase Includes:

- Pair of 14.2mm blind white contacts (2 lenses)

- Contact lenses storage case


Delivery will be by USPS or Royal Mail, dispatched worldwide the next working day (see shipping for more information).


Be sure to read the Wear and Care guide before using these contacts. It also includes details of these contacts, including tips on how to put them in.


  • Product Information

    Blind white normal contact lenses

    - Diameter: 14.2mm

    - Vision is obstructed

    - PWR (Not applicable)

    - BC 8.6

    - Cost is for 2 contact lenses (1 pair)

    - Can be used for up to 12 months from opening (assuming careful storage and handling). We recommend more regular replacements if worn frequently.


    Please note that sclera contacts are not medical devices.

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